Dental prosthetics is a branch of dentistry which deals with a compensation of missing teeth, whether by fixed or mobile dentures.

By coming to our clinic, you will first get the information about the plan of the treatment, what needs to be done first and what is the best solution for you. In just a few visits, we will solve all the problems caused by the missing teeth and bring the radiant smile back on your face.

Dental prosthetics service includes:

  • Dental JugovicProduction of metal ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Dental JugovicProduction of metal free crowns and bridges
  • Dental JugovicProduction of abutment crowns(pillars) for reconstruction
  • Dental JugovicProduction of partial skeleton denture
  • Dental JugovicProduction of partial acrylic denture
  • Dental JugovicComplete dentures
  • Dental JugovicCeramic and composite veneers
  • Dental JugovicRepair of dentures with or without supplement teeth or hooks
  • Dental JugovicRemoval of the old metal ceramic works

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stomatoloska protetika
stomatoloska protetika
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