Preventive dentistry includes a set of procedures aimed at maintaining oral health at the highest level, ie. prevention of diseases of teeth and surrounding tissues.

The old folk proverb says *** Better safe than sorry ***.

Fluoridation of teeth:

Fluorides are minerals that have a very important role in the effective prevention of cavities and treatment of initial cavities. Fluorides strengthen tooth enamel even in the period when teeth start growing. You can get fluoride through food, water or fluoride tablets.

If your child is at risk, we recommend professional application of fluoride to the sprouted teeth in order to prevent initial cavities. Fluoride application is a simple, short and painless surgical procedure which is repeated 2 to 3 times a year.

Fissure sealing:

Fissure sealing is a very important preventive measure in protecting teeth from cavities. This way a shield is created over the tooth enamel and it prevents the penetration and retention of food residues. It is our recommendation to apply this procedure on milk and permanent teeth.

Removal of soft and hard deposits:

Soft deposits (dental plaque):

Soft deposits represent all the organic matter on the surface of teeth occurring after their emergence. Their deposition on tooth enamel over time leads to the formation of plaque.

Dental plaque is the greatest enemy of dental health. Visible and not at all attractive deposits on teeth cause cavities, periodontal disease and bad breath. This is why the removal of dental plaque is a necessary, quick and painless procedure in the interest of preserving the healthy and gleaming teeth. After removing the plaque, teeth are polished with special pastes which prevent dental plaque adhesion and the surface of teeth becomes smooth and shiny.

Monitoring teeth shifting:

For proper growth and development of your toddler's teeth and jaws it is very important for teeth shifting to be monitored by the dentist. We recommend regular dental checkups every 4-6 months. Only a dentist can detect minimal cavity changes in your child's teeth which if not remedied in time, may result in an early teeth loss. Any premature loss of teeth is a potential introduction to a number of irregularities, which at a later stage often require long-term therapy.

Preventivna stomatologija
Preventivna stomatologija
Preventivna stomatologija
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